Assess Your Competitiveness

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Job Descriptions

Use clear, concise messaging to instantly engage your potential candidate. If your job description is vague or has typos & grammatical errors, you’ve already lost your next great hire.

Wage Analysis

To be in the running for top talent, you’ve got to be competitive in this space. Conduct a wage analysis to see how you stack up against competitors and industry standards.

Brand Positioning

From your logo to your perception in the community, to how you show up on search engines, your brand is a reflection, rolled up into one – of your values, your goals, and your company culture.

Are you a talent magnet?


Career Advancement

41% of America's workforce consider career advancement opportunities as an important factor in job satisfaction. (Haiilo, 2022)


Value Alignment

56% of individuals won't even consider a job with a company whose values don't align with their own. (Qualtrics, 2022)


Overall Wellness

61% of employees cite work-life balance and personal wellbeing as essential to their position at any company. (Gallup, 2022)

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Move the needle on your talent attraction strategy.

Intentional, people-centric organizations will attract and retain the best talent. Are you a talent magnet?