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The ABC’s of Start Ups & Expansions

Don’t overcomplicate your Start Up or Expansion. HTI is breaking it down ABC style and sharing 3 simple steps for success.

What is a Start-Up? What is an Expansion?

You may find yourself wondering what these 2 terms mean and whether you might fall into one of these categories. Well, I can help with that! A “Start-Up” would be a project that consists of completely new business for HTI. The STAT (Start ups, Transitions, &  Training) team would facilitate the transition of associates from one provider or no provider to HTI! These projects can be as big as 300 associates or as small as 10-20. On the other hand, an expansion is an instance when a current client comes to HTI and says that they are looking to add capacity or headcount to a facility which HTI currently helps to manage.

What is involved in a STAT team project?

One of the great things about the STAT team is that because of our dynamic role, we have become experts in the start up and expansion transition process. We are a one stop shop, so to speak. With that in mind, here are some of the key milestones in a Transition project.

  1. Creating a customized transition plan to ensure that our client gets exactly what they are looking for
  2. Activation and implementation of your customized plan
  3. Building Trust and Communication


Creating your customized plan

We want to ensure that our services match your needs to a “T”. You are moving on from your current provider and we at HTI and on the STAT team want to ensure exactly what precipitated the move to us! We want to know not only past pitfalls, but also processes and systems that were successful to create a solutions-oriented environment.


Activation and Implementation

Your customized plan is created….what next? Following the completion of your plan, STAT team steps in to start implementing your plan. First, we begin by meeting all of your associates and on-boarding each one. Next, we lead them through an HTI orientation where we review HTI policies and procedures. We also take this time to learn the in-and-outs of the client site and start building our long-term relationships with the on-site crew.


Building Trust and Communication

Building Trust is one of the most important aspects of the Transition process. It is also one that does not fit neatly into a timeline. We are constantly striving to building trust between ourselves, plant management and most importantly, our new associates. We want associates to know that we have their best interest at heart and strengthening that partnership goes a long way to creating a successful transition period and a productive facility.

By accomplishing these steps in your start up and expansion, HTI has a proven track record of creating long and successful partnerships.

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Julianna Knollmann


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