Benefits of hiring a contract professional

Proffesional Contractor BLog-03-1Lately, the news seems to portray a negative outlook in regard to the economy and employment. Inflation is too high – interest rate hikes keep coming – tech sector employees are being laid off by the tens of thousands and mainstream media keeps hinting at a looming recession. This has left many hiring employers nervous to add to their headcount, fearing they may need to lay off newly hired associates before they are even fully trained. Or these shifts have aroused feelings of uncertainty about balancing an influx in business with a batch of new hires.

Cue the professional contractor! From freelancers to independent workers, these part-time associates are redefining the labor market. There has been an increasing number of people gravitating towards professional contractors because the flexibility of this career path. And these professionals are top notch. Most of them land in their mid to late careers and have historically senior roles on their resumes. They demonstrate strong motivation and tend to have a steeper learner curve than non-contractors.

So, what better way to staff your organization?

Utilizing professional contractors relieves the strain on your current employees, while continuing to service your customers - all without adding full-time staff to your organization. These workers provide your business with the flexibility needed to focus on your organization’s core competencies and reduce the stress of recruiting and maintaining a large staff. Depending on your organization's needs, you can hire one contractor or an entire team for special projects.

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Breakdown of the benefits

Quick recruiting and placement

With professional contractors, there’s no need for a lengthy approval or hiring timeline because there is less risk for these hires. The extensive evaluation, screening and assessment cycle that usually slows down the direct hire process isn’t necessary. This is a crucial benefit especially during an economic slowdown. Candidates are applying to multiple jobs at a time. Therefore, the longer it takes to accept a candidate for a position, the higher the likelihood they will move on to another organization.

No added benefit costs

Insurance, PTO and payroll taxes are no longer a part of the hiring equation with professional contractors. These benefits are typically shouldered by the contract company or the individual themselves. This saves businesses up to 30% on their hiring expenses (

Immediate staffing for an influx in business

When a tight deadline is approaching, it’s important to seal any gaps in your workforce. Professional contractors help manage spikes in workload and can step away after the periods of high demand are over. These workers bring highly specialized skills to these projects and help relieve the full-time workforce from additional stress and potential burnout.

Try before you buy

Hiring contract professionals while determining your business strategy and needs gives you an extended period to evaluate their performance. Once their effectiveness and skillfulness have been carefully vetted, you can offer a permanent position and by-pass the guess work. You know the precise strengths they will bring to your organization

Proffesional Contractor BLog-04HTI's full-service professional recruiting group focuses on vetting every candidate for open direct hire and contract positions. We specialize in skilled hourly as well as professional, technical, and commercial hiring. Our services provide the flexibility, security and skills to boost your workforce and keep up with ever-changing business demands. Let’s talk about your contract professional needs.



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