Quantity of candidates isn't important – it's time to focus on quality

We get it. The more the merrier. There’s strength in numbers.

At first glance, it makes sense – who doesn’t want to find the diamond in the rough?

But in the world of professional recruiting, these idioms don’t translate. Hiring managers often view candidate quantity as the security blanket needed to find the right hire – it's a clear reflection of your recruiter's efforts, showing that they left no stone unturned, right? Unfortunately, that security blanket doesn’t save you from bad hires, in fact it makes them more likely.

How? Let me explain.


Don't focus on the final numbers – I assure you we've collected hundreds of candidates

Professional recruiters gather resumes submitted through the classic job board, but HTI doesn’t stop there. Our recruiters reach out to active & passive job seekers who may be a strong fit. Even professionals who aren’t on the job search but have shining credentials – you bet we’re selling them the role (even if they’re satisfied in their current position, our new contact can usually identify some colleagues who’d make a great new hire).

A trusted recruiting partner doesn't sit around waiting for resumes. They actively pursue talent and sell your organization (after all, top talent wants to hear all about the culture, development opportunities and benefit options your organization has to offer).


But with hundreds of candidates, there's plenty that don't make the cut

A peak behind the curtain and you’ll see the stacks of applicants that didn’t make it. Some get dropped from behavioral assessments. Others are cut because of insufficient training. A handful won’t have the right personality for the role. And a few aren’t willing to relocate.

Each screening & assessment that cuts candidates helps because it gets us closer to finding that one perfect fit for our clients.Internal equity-06

You must trust your provider to deliver quality candidates

Hiring managers shouldn’t have to (or even want to) look over a stack of resumes. That’s what recruiting agencies do. Our professional recruiters can whittle it down to three sparkling candidates. Each high caliber. Each a strong fit. So your decision making process is a breeze.

Sending over a pile of applicants we know won’t work just means more resumes for Hiring Managers to sort through – and less time on the clock. That’s right, the faster we can narrow down the candidate selection, the quicker the hiring process. If you’ve already found a great fit, why wait around to see if there’s a better option? Top talent typically stays on the job market for only 10 days (OfficeVibe). So, when we find great people, we better get moving!


A reliable process helps build trust

Before any candidate search begins, meet with your professional recruiters. They need a concrete understanding of the credentials, trainings, cultural fit, and personality type for the role.

Take advantage of your quality applicants by providing recruiters feedback within 24 hours of applicant submittal. This allows top performers to be snapped up quickly. Or, if the candidates weren’t a good fit, it provides an opportunity for feedback – so your professional recruiters have a better framework for finding the right candidate type moving forward.


Hiring the best person for your team means working in tandem with your recruiting agency and trusting your hiring partner to find quality candidates. HTI simplifies your recruiting process by sourcing, screening, and submitting top performing candidates. So, all that’s left is choosing your perfect match.


Ready to streamline your hiring process & secure the best talent available?


Jessica Cesaro

Jessica has been with HTI since 2014 and specializes in professional recruiting. Her experience and leadership skills help guide her team in connecting top talent with quality employers.


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