HTI's: How to host a stellar hiring event 101

To catch the eye of great candidates, you need the right plan to attract and recruit talent – and one of the most effective ways to do this is by hosting a hiring event.

At HTI, we know how to host a stellar hiring event (and guess what?) we’re going to share the 4 essential elements we utilize to ensure your success.

Comprehensive partner meetings

For any event – it's all about the details. The moment we determine the need or receive a specific request to arrange a hiring event, the gears start turning. Once we review the general information, we’re ready to conduct a comprehensive intake meeting.

No stone left unturned, and no gaps unfilled – this step is all about communicating a thorough, well-thought-out strategy.

Detailed areas we cover include:
  • Job descriptions
  • Job requirements (prerequisites such as education needs, certifications, etc.)
  • Advertising needs & budget
  • Start dates
  • Salary information and pay

From start to finish, a successful hiring event takes about 2 to 3 weeks to nail down – and a substantial chunk of this time is dedicated to advertising. So, let’s get into it!


Hiring Events-04-1Advantageous advertising

Advertising should be advantageous, and that is why we pour into the details from the jump. Because we get it, time is of the essence and positions should be filled and filled well. We want to be successful in our quest for candidates, therefore we use a wide range of advertising methods to attract a pool of candidates.

Not only do we have detailed processes in place to get the information we need, but we have an operational marketing team specifically dedicated to the needs of our clients - including Graphic Designers, Brand, Digital, and Recruitment Marketing Specialists. This team acts as an extension of your brand and manages vetted advertising vendor relationships on your behalf.

And, we do it all for you...
  • Facebook event ad
  • Google My Business listing
  • Indeed event
  • Advertising designed to your brand specifications
  • Event landing page
  • And more!

Need your hiring event to be advertised on a billboard? Let’s do it. Want to have a quick sound bite played on the radio? We have the connections. Giving you the extra umph you need for your hiring event is the name of the game. 


Hiring Events-03-1The HTI Job MobileTM

What if you could put your candidate search on wheels?

The HTI Job MobileTM is a one-stop shop for the entirety of the hiring process. HTI staff members facilitate check-ins, screenings, and interviews all in one place.

By putting the candidate search on wheels, HTI can go anywhere. And if you really want to raise your optics, we can drive to your company on-site and set up the mobile. This allows you to have the hiring event in your own backyard.


Post Hiring Event Reporting

HTI's guide to hosting a stellar hiring event would not be what it is today without handing clients a detailed Post Hiring Event Report following their event. Measuring success and being transparent means, we open the door for continuous improvement. For employers, this means more qualified candidates and more hires.

Prompt and efficient, your Post Hiring Event Report is ready just a few days after the hiring event.

Key indicators we use to measure success include:
  • Number of RSVPs
  • Number of attendees
  • Number of qualified candidates
  • Ad campaign impressions & engagement
  • Budget breakdown

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So, when do you want to schedule a hiring event?

Let's do it together.



Andrea Bauknight

Andrea is our Senior Manager of Strategic Recruiting and has been with HTI for over a decade. Her experience and leadership skills help guide her team in connecting top talent with quality employers.


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