Thank You: Two Words, BIG Impact

Thanksgiving is here! A time when friends and family gather to give thanks and show appreciation for one another while feasting on endless pumpkin pie and savory stuffing. But, while Thanksgiving is the time of year to express gratitude, it is important to express it all year long. This is especially important in the workplace.

We often forget to acknowledge those who impact us in positive ways, those who have exemplified quality work or who have done little things that make a difference. We forget to give employees positive feedback letting them know they are valued and appreciated.

There is power in showing appreciation, and here are some benefits:

1. Showing gratitude can increase a person’s wellness
With employee appreciation, you are boosting an employee’s well-being and health which directly impacts work results and employee interaction. Showing gratitude and effectively communicating positive feedback to employees may also decrease stress and increase better sleep habits.

2. Appreciation improves employee productivity
What’s more motivating than support? Appreciation can be used as a tool for motivation in the workplace. This motivation will positively impact productivity because the employees will feel they are valued, and their hard work pays off. With appreciation, employees will be more inclined to work harder knowing their work is recognized.

3. Appreciation creates a strong company culture
When employees express and receive appreciation, both individuals and a larger group will be impacted positively. This will create a company culture of kindness and appreciation throughout the departments and spread individual employee happiness and morale.

4. Appreciation decreases turnover
To no surprise, the happier the employees are, the less likely they are to leave the company. And, if other employees are noticing minimal turnover, the employee retention rate will also be higher. If employees are shown friendliness and acknowledged for their hard work, coming to work every day won’t seem like a burden.

5. Appreciation builds relationships
Showing appreciation can both strengthen a pre-existing relationship or build trust in new ones. Appreciation is a form of showing one cares and can therefore create closeness and trust in a workplace

Expressing gratitude costs nothing. It only requires time and attention. While there are numerous ways to express appreciation and gratitude in the workplace, each action builds to create a better professional environment. Saying “thank you,” being friendly, offering help, or praising your employees and co-workers creates positive results in the workplace.

Encouragement and appreciation can also help build your employees confidence and trust. There is no downside or reason to hold back on expressing appreciation. Showing appreciation can only benefit your company, and this Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start.

Sabrina Smith


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