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Our BOLD New Direction

The past 18 months have provided a unique look at what is rapidly becoming the most important issue for companies, regardless of industry sector. People.


Pick your poison – they are all here to stay. Companies accepting the disruption caused by these changes and who are boldly re-thinking their approach to seeing people as an INTENTIONAL ASSET will see a stable, happy, and connected workforce. Those companies will lead their respective sectors because people will be their STRENGTH.

That is where HTI is leading. We are committed to being a disruptive voice, inspiring companies to make that hard first and second step. We are committed to building a sustainable labor utilization strategy that begins to view people as a strength, not a problem.

We have a unique perspective, coupled with a singular passion that positions us well. We are a people company, helping other companies find the best people they can to build their teams. We get to see hundreds of work environments, both good and below average, providing us a unique vantage point. And, at our core we BELIEVE that companies want to do the best by their people. However, like all businesses, they struggle with managing their customers, their products, compliance, quality, delivery, etc. Most companies don’t know what to do, where to start, how to see the truth or how to sustain changes. They end up running around putting band-aids on the most pressing people issues.

And so, what companies need is labor WELLNESS, not a series of band aids. For people to become both a strength and an asset. Getting there will require a level of focus and intentionality most companies don’t commit the time and resources to.

An outside set of eyes leading companies to be honest about where they stand in their HUMAN CAPITAL strategy is the only way. It’s natural for company leaders to have significant blind spots. We can give you a baseline perspective, assess how you stand in your region, and then coach you through those first steps.

What holds companies back?

I was asked a question from someone I respect, “Why doesn’t a company’s HR group do this?” Well, most HR groups are covered up with a dozen daily demands on their time; The business plan, staffing, legal compliance, employee relations issues, fall open enrollment, safety, and training. And you know what? If you ask most top HR people, and if they are honest, they are not spending enough time on many of these.

An objective perspective from an outside partner can speak truth to where you are. Listen to your people and your leaders and guide the company to make progress towards wellness, and away from life support.

Start watching us at HTI – you will begin to see our voice in this space. The labor market is only going to get tougher, and we will continue to stand on the mountain top and address the issues that companies need to hear. To help them turn people into their biggest ASSET. To drive awareness.

If you are struggling and your people strategy is lacking, give us a call. We are ready to walk beside you as we manage thru this new era. If you’re skeptical (or just curious), keep watching. We will begin to provide you content to consider. Either way, we are excited about our new focus.

Herb Dew is a founding partner and the CEO of HTI. You can follow him on LinkedIn. 

Herb Dew


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