Increased retention, headcount & engagement with outsourced recruiting

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JTEKT, a steering systems manufacturer and top 20 automotive supplier, is the largest employer in Monroe County, Tennessee. Struggling with hundreds of job openings across two sites, inconsistent staffing practices, high turnover, and managing multiple labor agencies, JTEKT needed a central recruitment partner to standardize the applicant experience and improve their public image.

Project goals

  • Develop candidate attraction and recruiting strategy
  • Increase average headcount
  • Decrease turnover

Our solution

HTI took over as the main labor strategy partner and implemented a full-service solution with a Strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (SRPO) model that included labor planning, supplemental HR, and outsourced recruiting. Within these areas of focus, HTI provided community relations, turnover analysis, onboarding support, hiring manager support, performance management, and process improvement to improve JTEKT’s reputation and re-position them as an employer of choice.

We developed a robust marketing campaign to attract high quality candidates and improved the candidate experience by standardizing the recruitment and onboarding process. Surveys were sent at different milestones in the employees’ journey to gather feedback for process improvement opportunities.

  • Established vendor-on-premise relationship
  • Implemented recruitment marketing strategy
  • Designed a streamlined onboarding, training, and feedback process

The results

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Talent providers like HTI do more than fill empty desks. We analyze vast networks of professionals to select the skills and personality traits best suited for your positions & company. Our team elevates your organization by bringing you higher caliber candidates, increasing diversity and streamlining an efficient and scalable hiring process. It’s much more than recruiting. It’s a strategic partnership.

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