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Robert Bosch, an automotive parts manufacturer, approached HTI with a dynamic workforce and a desire to improve operations. They were seeking stronger management of their material flow from every facility dock to the manufacturing lines and back. Additionally, they were unsatisfied with their current warehousing solution which was 20 miles away from their facility and straining their processes.

Project goals

  • Drive process efficiency
  • Utilize a 5s audit to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Alleviate warehousing strain

Our solution

HTI took complete responsibility for Bosch’s in-plant and warehouse logistics. We handled labor and supervision for all manufacturing processes and consulted frequently on strategic improvements.

Our recruiting experts hired more than 100 hourly employees and selected seven new plant managers to be hired and trained by our team. We tracked shipping & inventory accuracy, damage, productivity, and employee turnover, among other vital success factors. Additionally, we opted to relocate the offsite warehouse, bringing it closer to the facility for faster delivery and fulfillment.

  • Hired and trained a large, new workforce
  • Accounted for all in-plant & warehouse logistics
  • Relocated the warehouse to drive efficiency

The results

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Outsourcing warehouse functions can allow your team to focus on innovation and growth. HTI can provide the workforce, training, and management of your warehousing projects. So you don't have to worry about labor needs, KPIs, or continuous improvement efforts - we've got you covered.

Discover our logistic and warehousing solutions, designed to save you time & money.



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