How HTI had a 4 month backlog shipping 2 days ahead of schedule

Case study - logisitcs

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of indoor climate control equipment. One of their facilities had fallen 6 weeks behind in customer shipments during a seasonal spike in demand. They needed a partner to help revamp their facility’s SAP effectiveness, inventory accuracy, and floor leadership & communication.

Project goals

  • Expedite customer shipments
  • Implement new communication routines & leadership practices
  • Reduce inventory inaccuracies

Our solution

There were two sides to Bosch’s shipping process: commercial and residential. HTI implemented an alternating shipment plan of two days commercial and two days residential per week, thereby eliminating the backlog of a large commercial project. Additionally, a wall to wall inventory of the warehouse was taken.

Better communication was facilitated through daily board meetings with department heads, where problems were identified and corrective actions implemented. We also held daily shift meetings with warehouse employees to explain new corrective actions, shipping priorities & progress updates on shipping backlogs.

  • Reshaped commercial & residential shipping processes
  • Performed wall to wall inventory of warehouse
  • Implemented daily board & shift meetings

The results

Case study - logisitcs-18

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