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BorgWarner is one of the 25 largest automotive suppliers in the world, maintaining production facilities and technical systems at 93 sites in 22 countries. With over $72 million of inventory, the Arden location needed a partner to help them consolidate 10 external warehouses to centralize all material flow into one technical facility. BorgWarner partnered with HTI to manage the two-year project and create a streamlined process for the safe, efficient and accurate operation of the new warehouse.

Project goals

  • Develop a labor management strategy which retains qualified talent through the lifecycle of the project
  • Implement a standard warehouse management system
  • Create innovative solutions for inventory control

Our solution

HTI began the two-year project by developing standard processes for material movement and inventory management, using best practices from other successful warehouse operations. The BorgWarner warehouse design is structured and organized, helping to minimize congestion and safety incidents. Key performance indicators were identified and communicated both internally and externally. Our on-site team implemented process improvement initiatives, such as staging lanes and monitoring deviations, to prevent downtime and increase the overall efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations.

Our team of experts used market data to provide recommendations on starting pay rates to recruit the high-quality workforce required to complete the project. HTI built a robust employee relations plan with monthly initiatives, as well as retention bonuses to increase employee engagement and minimize turnover. Leadership conducted daily safety talks and maintained a presence on the shop floors to ensure the highest level of safety standards were met. Having an experienced workforce and engaged leadership provided a solid foundation for the long-term success of the project that opened the door to future opportunities.

  • Recruited a high-quality, experienced workforce
  • Designed a streamlined material management process
  • Implemented daily safety talks to meet the high level of safety standards

The results

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Does your business have the time and energy to design the right processes necessary for an efficient warehouse? Outsource your inventory management and warehouse operations with HTI. Our team uses KPIs to track project success and develop continuous areas of improvement. So your process and workforce become more productive and efficient.

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