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Our client is a leading Tier 1 automotive supplier for driveline and chassis technology. Their 1.4 million square foot facility expansion left them needing to fill positions through an outsourcing partnership. The initial need was 1,200 direct hire associates added within a very tight window of time. However, due to the increasing demand for their product, the hiring plan quickly expanded to 2,100 full-time hires.

Project goals

  • Conduct a direct-hire campaign to fill the expanding facility needs
  • Alleviate hiring needs so our client can focus on their core competencies

Our solution

HTI integrated as an extension of the our client's Human Resources department. There we dedicated a team of expert recruiters to manage all of their external hiring. We also engaged our branch offices in the project due to the influx of applicant flow. In an effort to secure the best candidates, we conducted a direct hire campaign through regular job fairs, targeting both hourly and skilled workers in times of peak demand. Local advertising and social media expanded the relationship between ourselves and our client. By the end of the ramp up, HTI was able to scale back and support them on an as-needed basis.

  • Integrated as an extension of the client's HR department
  • Our branch offices supported the influx of applicant flow
  • Conducted regular job fairs & advertising campaigns

The results

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When opening a new facility or expanding an existing one, working with a partner who understands the complexities of a start up is critical - the competitive landscape for labor, processes with state, city, and local incentives, expanding with capacity in a finite window. HTI has the resources, experience, and quality-focused standards to get you up and running on time and within budget. Whether it's a small expansion or a greenfield start-up HTI builds the processes and metrics to ensure a successful project.

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