Managing a seasonal workforce

Managing a seasonal workforce LS-03

Every year, Charles River Laboratories, a leading pharmaceutical company, faces the challenge of gathering a seasonal workforce within a tight & fluctuating time frame. Their annual collection of horseshoe crabs allows them to harness a natural indicator of bacterial contamination, a crucial component to medical treatments. For this critical process, they trust HTI to manage their staffing needs – ahead, during, and throughout this seasonal project.

Project goals

  • Recruit a strong seasonal workforce
  • Manage turnover & headcount throughout project

Our solution

The long hours & fluctuating schedule of this project made recruiting a pool of reliable and flexible employees essential. That’s why we started our recruitment process three months prior to the start of collection season. Because Charles River is a returning client, we utilized previous employee rosters to identify trustworthy candidates interested in returning for another project. Then we conducted monthly hiring events leading up to the start date to ensure a saturated candidate pool.

Throughout our hiring communications & marketing materials, we clearly communicated the nature of the work, including the 10-12 hour shifts and the potential for frequent schedule changes based on the season. By emphasizing these responsibilities upfront, those recruited were less likely to turnover during the duration of the project.

  • Hosted proactive hiring events
  • Used previous rosters to identify dependable hires
  • Managed potential turnover with clear expectations

The results

    Managing a seasonal workforce LS-01

Managing and staffing seasonal workforces can be challenging. Even more so, when it's necessary for new hires to adapt to an ever-changing schedule. That's why partnering with a proactive and strategic talent provider makes all the difference. Our team markets your open positions to a targeted audience, finding you qualified and reliable talent consistently & efficiently.  It’s much more than recruiting. It’s a strategic partnership.

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