HTI's talent strategies saved ZF $1.5 million annually

Ramping up ZF-02

ZF Axles is responsible for assembling the front and rear axle for the BMW X3. However, when cost constraints were driven up by their Tier 1 supplier status and sector competition, ZF was in trouble. They wanted to keep gaining business in a tough economic time, which meant ramping up their work quickly. Ultimately, they needed a large hourly work force to prepare for the growth required to compete in the market.

Project goals

  • Boost headcount to handle increased workload
  • Outsource manufacturing and logistic operations

Our solution

HTI began the project by taking on the entire manufacturing and logistics operation at ZF Axles. By recruiting, selecting and managing all the floor personnel, our experts analyzed the need for additional employees. We began fortifying ZF’s human capital by adding 165 hourly employees, six supervisors, a project manager and an HR manager.

Additionally, we minimized overtime by incorporating a unique ‘over-staff’ plan that covered absenteeism and other unforeseen labor shortages. Our Full Flex workforce combined full time regular HTI employees with contract temporaries and kept the overall labor rate low.

  • Increased employee headcount to handle growing workload
  • Implemented system that covered unplanned shortages
  • Full Flex workforce enabled a low labor rate

The results

    Ramping up ZF-01

Talent providers like HTI do more than fill empty desks. We analyze vast networks of professionals to select the skills and personality traits best suited for your positions & company. Our team elevates your organization by bringing you higher caliber candidates, increasing diversity and streamlining an efficient and scalable hiring process. It’s much more than recruiting. It’s a strategic partnership.

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