How Veterans are an Asset in the Workforce

According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, there are an estimated 19 million U.S. veterans representing less than 10% of the total U.S. adult population. Additionally, unemployment of U.S. veterans has been a continuous struggle as many employers are reluctant to hire them.

However, one study from the SHRM Foundation found that veterans on average perform higher levels and are less likely to turnover. Not only are they proven to be valuable assets, but hiring veterans makes good business that employers can benefit from.

Here are some reasons veterans can make great employees:

1. Veterans are disciplined
The military thrives on structure, organization, and discipline. Discipline is a characteristic that is molded into service members during their time of service. The military trains its personnel to take responsibility seriously and accomplish their goals. Needless to say, you can expect hiring veterans will bring you hard-working employees.

2. Veterans have leadership and teamwork qualities
Military service creates individuals who are relentless in achieving their goals, who are self-motivating, and who encourage their team to thrive in high-stress situations. These leadership qualities can help your workforce become a close-knit team and develop a sense of unity that will prove to be beneficial for the business in the end.

3. Veterans are mission-focused and have a sense of duty
Military culture is all about the goal and having a sense of purpose and duty. If you have employees who see their everyday work as a mission to be accomplished, your company can expect results, goal completion, and development. It is the bigger picture and sense of duty feeling that is unteachable, and very valuable to a company’s success.

4. Public relations benefits
For any company, brand perception is everything. And, being perceived as a military-friendly company is beneficial for the public eye and brand reputation. The company’s brand combined with the military’s brand is a boost in public image that will generate goodwill when they commit to hiring more veterans. Buyers and clients often value companies that support veterans.

5. Integrity
Every day, the military must abide by a strong code of ethics. They are often trusted with sensitive information or security. With a proven track record of integrity, employers should take advantage of qualities such as trustworthiness and sincerity to build a better workforce for the future of their company.

As time passes and more and more military service members retire and enter the workforce, companies are recognizing what veterans have to offer. A veteran’s skills and knowledge from their years of service helps develop a valuable workplace culture and has the potential to create more positive business outcomes. It can be difficult for veterans to find work with existing stereotypes, but with their natural drive and experience, veterans are a great asset to any team.

Sabrina Smith


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