Signs you need a staffing provider

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Wondering if you need a staffing partner? Let's zoom in.  

Are hiring demands overwhelming? Is your team struggling to keep pace with open positions? Feeling buried under competing priorities? No need for a tug-of-war. You can bridge the gaps seamlessly with HTI. 


But first, let's spot the telltale signs it's time to bring in a staffing partner. 


High turnover rates that drain productivity & morale  

First and foremost, turnover looks different for every position and every industry. For instance, the hospitality industry has the highest turnover rate of 73.8%, healthcare has an average turnover rate of 20.6% and manufacturing is 22% (Gitnux).   

The nuances as to why turnover occurs and how to fix it can be tricky – but when you have a staffing partner on your side to navigate the why’s and how’s of turnover, secure staffing, and increase retention, these issues are significantly smoother.  

One thread that remains true across industries and positions is that high turnover affects the morale of your entire team – because your workload remains the same even when your team is smaller. At HTI, we’ll speed up the process for you by designing your recruitment plan to hire quality candidates, quickly. We can even manage contingent labor or temp-to-hire staffing to close necessary skill gaps.  


Fill delays due to inefficient timeframes & limited resources  

Look at your timeframes and resources – these two elements are the cornerstones of effective staffing practices. 

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Consider the typical amount of time needed to hire for certain positions. For example, industrial labor typically takes two weeks to secure a great candidate, while skilled hourly positions could take up to one month. With over 25 years of experience as a strategic staffing partner, we know the ins and outs of these timeframes – and having someone on your side to guide you is a huge win.  


Resources make or break your timeframe. In this context, resources refer to hiring manager training, as well as tools and platforms such as access to job boards, unique sourcing methods, and a wide network for vetting candidates. These are all resources HTI provides at your disposal to achieve staffing goals.  

Using timeframes and resources efficiently and effectively makes a more seamless vetting process. We don’t want to just offer you the solutions, we want to pinpoint what isn’t working and lay out the steps you need to close the gaps. Without working out those kinks, a hiring process can slow significantly. 



Evolving business needs that disrupt labor plans  

We understand that for businesses to stay resilient, they must continually evolve and adapt.  

However, the challenges that accompany these adaptations, such as sudden spikes in hiring demands, or the need to swiftly scale up or down, along with heightened competition can disrupt labor plans.  

Managing these moving parts necessitates a successful, strategic staffing partner. At HTI, we help employers steer their company through expansions, seasonal workforces, short and long-term projects, and more.  

Worried about tight fluctuating timelines and frequent schedule changes? Our recruiters emphasize responsibilities upfront, protecting your brand reputation, and retaining those recruited. We won’t let your revolving business needs disrupt your labor plans. 

CRL case study stats_the results

Case study

Here's a recap of our success with Charles River Laboratories in staffing a seasonal workforce. 

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Small teams overwhelmed by volume   

Be honest. Is your hiring team locked and loaded with everything they need to successfully staff and hire the right candidates for your organization? So often, small hiring teams are overwhelmed by volume and outpaced by open positions.  

This creates danger zones in your hiring process: 

  • Bottlenecking applicant reviews & hiring flow 
  • Poorly crafted job descriptions due to being rushed (not attractive for candidates!) 
  • Disorganization in ATS systems 
  • Inability to find qualified candidates without proper hiring manager training 

Smaller hiring teams are not always equipped to handle large scale staffing. This can lead to bottlenecking when applications are streaming in. However, job descriptions matter too, and are one of the first impressions candidates have of your company. Are descriptions long and disorganized? Or are they streamlined with clear bullet points? How you present here is important. 

ATS systems are ideal for keeping up with top talent across the board. Identify the need for an ATS system so that your team isn’t starting from scratch with every position. If you have an ATS system, make sure it is decluttered and organized.  

Lastly, proper hiring manager training is a necessity across the board. At HTI, we offer Hiring Manager Training that covers the 5 essentials of hiring manager excellence: interview styles, aligning expectations to hiring criteria, evaluating candidate fit, creating an incredible interview experience, and avoiding legal bias and pitfalls.  


Do these telltale signs of needing a staffing partner resonate? If so, let’s talk about securing the talent you need in your labor force today.  





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